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Hello! My name is Amy Ng and I'm also the lady behind Pikaland, an art and illustration blog.

I love books even before I knew how to read! I've been subconsciously involved in the publishing industry for the last 7 years – I've honed my skills in mediums like magazines, books, and also blogging. Pikabooks came to me one day out of the blue – I love publishing, and although I am an online publisher (blogging), I missed the days of producing books that I could actually touch and keep. 

At Pikabooks, we believe in giving back to those in need, and what better way to celebrate this than to give books to children who need it most? A portion of sales from our limited edition series will go towards First Book – an organization that provides books to children in developing countries in an effort to eradicate illiteracy. 

You can reach Amy at amy@pikaland.com.


We're always looking for illustrators and artists to be a part of Pikabooks, so if you think your work would fit right in, please email us at amy@pikaland.com with the subject PIKABOOKS SUBMISSION.